What to do in case of an emergency (for producers and editors)

For typos or requested design tweaks

Send a message in Slack in #interactive-news using @here with a clear description of the problem. You can also email [email protected]

For large errors, factual corrections or broken pages

STEP 1: Stop the bleeding
Remove the link from the homepage and any other pages where it is featured. Then contact social media and ask them to stop promoting the page.
STEP 2: Call for help
@here the #interactive-news channel in Slack with a clear description of what's wrong. If you don't get a response within 15 minutes or if you need immediate attention, call Jon McClure or Lily Mihalik on their cell phones, which are listed in the Web Producer Wiki.
STEP 3: Stand back
Interactive News editors will jump on the problem and may need undivided attention to figure out what's wrong and how quickly it can be fixed. Our first priority will be stop the spread of any misinformation on our pages, our second to assess the problem and our third to communicate with you when you can expect a fix. Don't feel neglected if we go radio silent for a few minutes after you sound the alarm. We are working furiously to address the issue.
Importantly, Interactive News editors will coordinate any necessary corrections on the page and with the social team. Please don't jump the gun here unless the sky has fallen and you aren't able to contact an Interactive News editor in an emergency.
Last modified 2yr ago