2018 elections apps style
Essential conventions for keeping your coworkers sane.

Repository naming conventions

Generally, back-end projects use existing naming conventions. Front-end projects use the namespace elections-2018.

Lambda front-ends

  • lambda-elections-2018-results
  • lambda-elections-2018-slackchat

Dataviz modules

Should always be scaffolded using the graphics generator.
Should always follow the pattern of module_elections-2018-*. For example:
  • module_elections-2018-county-choropleth
  • module_elections-2018-census-scatterplot


Continues to be politico-civic-*.


Is required. Use ESLint in the editor of your choice for JavaScript. Use Black for Python.


Write them with any essential notes.
For dataviz modules, be sure to always update the README with the public API of your module.

Project management

Will happen in CodeTree, based on issues in GitHub.
Because issues are the primary way of tracking development in CodeTree, every repo should have at least one issue that is "Push to production."
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