Publishing To GitHub
One day this will be done automatically. Until then, it'll need to be done manually.

Initializing A Repo

To initialize a repo run the following in the root of your project:
$ git init

Creating A Repo on GitHub

Go to GitHub and create a new repo.
You should name the repo interactive_YOUR-PROJECT-NAME-HERE.
After you create it you should see a GitHub URL that looks like this:
[email protected]:The-Politico/interactive_YOUR-PROJECT-NAME-HERE.git
Connect this repo to your folder by running the following (providing that GitHub URL):
$ git remote add origin <GITHUB_URL_HERE>

Using Git

Once you've done this, you can use all the usual git commands to publish to Github, including git add, git commit, and git push. See the docs for more on those.
Last modified 2yr ago