Working With Metadata
Metadata is always found is in your package.json. There should be a pib key with some information pre-filled.


template determines the routine PIB uses to build your interactive. It should only ever be one of two values: static or dynamic.
static means that any code written in your page.js files will be run once to create your page, and then discarded. So things like click handlers in your JSX will no longer work.
dynamic means that any code written in your page.js files will be used to create your page, and then your page will be hydrated on-load to keep that functionality around. So things like click handlers and state management will continue to work after loading.


id is a random value generated each time you make a new project. It's used to uniquely identify your project.


pageName is the title of your page (both in the <title> and for Chartbeat).

siteSection, pageType, adUnitSection & freePaidContent

These are values used for UTag. They should mostly be left as is unless you know what you're doing.


publishPath is the URL of your story after It should almost always start with interactives.

published & updated

These values will be set automatically when you publish (or update) your interactive. You can manually set this to an ISO string in Zulu time which looks like this: 2019-04-09T19:43:35.259Z. They can also each be set to null to not be displayed.
If you need help converting to an ISO string, you can use this demo. Type your string in line one (take note of the timezone you're using), and click Run >. You should see your ISO string as the second output in the console.


authors should be an array of objects with two keys: link and name. This array will be used for UTag data and will also be rendered with their links in your page's header.
Last modified 2yr ago